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Sweet Madness

Veiled Seduction Series - Book Three

Winner of the National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award, the Write Touch Readers Award and the Book Buyers Best TOP PICK 

The war hero who is barely holding on…


Gabriel Devereaux, Marquess of Bromwich, may have returned from the Napoleonic Wars sound of body, but his mind is plagued in ways he does not understand. After a particularly frightening episode, he commits himself to a private asylum of good repute. Gabriel is desperate to recover, and if he cannot, to protect the ones he loves—even from himself.


The woman who won’t let him go…


Lady Penelope Bridgeman has dedicated her life to treating traumatized soldiers, though nothing will ever make up for her inability to save her own husband. When Gabriel’s illness seems eerily similar to the madness that made her a widow, Penelope is terrified that she will fail again—and cost another man his life.


But her heart won’t let her refuse to help, even if it means facing both her past and her own demons. Gabriel pushes Penelope away to keep her safe, but a fragile trust slowly grows between them, forged by a deeper bond of loss. Though Penelope damns herself a fool for loving yet another broken man, she’ll do anything to save Gabriel—no matter the cost.


She never expects that he might be the one to save her, too…

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