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The Veiled Seduction Series

Three unconventional heroines, three unfolding mysteries, three unforgettable love stories...

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The Veiled Seduction Collection

Three full-length historical romance novels 

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Sweet Enemy: Beakers and ball gowns don't mix, so when lady chemist, Miss Liliana Claremont, goes undercover as a husband-hunter to investigate Lord Geoffrey Wentworth, the earl whose family she suspects murdered her father, romance isn't part of the formula. But it only takes on kiss to start a reaction she can't control...

Sweet Deception: Lady criminologist, Miss Emma Wallingford, gets tangled up in the final mission of Lord Derick Aveline, the spy she once loved. Though she suspects he’s only back in her life until the killer is found, Emma is determined to convince Derick to stay this time. Will their re-found love prove true? Or is it all just a Sweet Deception?

Sweet Madness: In the final book of this acclaimed historical romance series, Lady Penelope Bridgeman must face her past and her own demons in a fight to save a traumatized soldier, Lord Gabriel Devereaux, from a descent into madness. She never expects that he might be the one to save her, too...

“Unpredictable, unabashedly intelligent historical romance...Loved it!”

~ Manic Readers

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Loving Lady Dervish

Veiled Seduction Series - Prequel Novella 

After nearly five years of torment at the hands of society's worst gossips, Lady Phoebe Anson is finally making her escape, following her dream to author botany texts--even if she must pretend to be a man to do it. When her one-time friend, Lord Malcolm Gray, happens upon her at the Frost Fair and uncovers her plot, Phoebe refuses to let him ruin her life--again.

But Malcolm isn't the young fool he once was, though he knows he has much to atone for where Phoebe is concerned. And he has no intention of letting his "whirling dervish" get away this time...


**This story was originally released with Erin Knightley's ONCE JILTED, TWICE SHY in a limited time novella 'duet' called A MIDWINTER'S SCANDAL. The set is no longer available, but I highly recommend reading Erin's complementary story as well in order to enjoy the world to its fullest :) **

“Loving Lady Dervish is adorably charming!”

~ Under the Covers Book Blog

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Sweet Enemy

Veiled Seduction Series - Book One

Winner of the Golden Quill for Best Regency Romance

Beakers and ball gowns don’t mix. 


So when lady chemist and avowed spinster, Miss Liliana Claremont, receives a coveted invitation to the Earl of Stratford’s house party, no one expects her to accept.  After all, it’s well known that Lord Geoffrey Wentworth, a rising political star, is in need of a suitable bride, and it’s assumed he will choose one from the select group of attendees.


Yet Liliana has no desire to lure the rich and powerful earl into marriage.  She’s come to Somerton Park for one reason—to uncover what the Wentworths had to do with the murder of her father.  She intends to find justice, even if she has to ruin Stratford to do it.


To get the evidence she needs, Liliana intends to keep her enemy close, though romance is not part of her formula. But it only takes one kiss to start a reaction she can’t control… 






“A wonderful, emotional, and intellectually satisfying read!”

~ All About Romance (A Desert Island Keeper Pick)

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Sweet Deception

Veiled Seduction Series - Book Two

Winner of the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence in published historical romance.

The spy she once loved…

After years as England’s most elusive double agent, Lord Derick Aveline has vowed to leave his days of espionage behind. Though he’d like nothing more than to make a fresh start in the Americas, he first must complete one last mission for the Crown—to unmask a deadly traitor. But to do that, he must return to the one place he’d vowed never to go again…home.

The girl who always saw through him…

Lady criminologist, Miss Emma Wallingford, can scarcely believe the dandy who waltzes back into Derbyshire is the same man who left without a word a decade ago, taking her heart with him. What’s worse, he is poking his nose where it no longer belongs, which threatens all she holds dear.  Still, it doesn’t take long to deduce the truth…that Derick is not who he is pretending to be. And, he’s hunting the same murderer as she.

Though she suspects he’s only back in her life until the killer is found, Emma is determined to convince Derick to stay this time. Will their re-found love prove true? Or is it all just a Sweet Deception?


"One of the things I love about Heather Snow is her ability to write beautiful, intelligent heroines that are an absolute delight to read...I just can't get enough of her writing!"

~ Night Owl Reviews, 5 stars, Rare Top Pick

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Sweet Madness

Veiled Seduction Series - Book Three

Winner of the National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award, the Write Touch Readers Award and the Book Buyers Best TOP PICK 

The war hero who is barely holding on…


Gabriel Devereaux, Marquess of Bromwich, may have returned from the Napoleonic Wars sound of body, but his mind is plagued in ways he does not understand. After a particularly frightening episode, he commits himself to a private asylum of good repute. Gabriel is desperate to recover, and if he cannot, to protect the ones he loves—even from himself.


The woman who won’t let him go…


Lady Penelope Bridgeman has dedicated her life to treating traumatized soldiers, though nothing will ever make up for her inability to save her own husband. When Gabriel’s illness seems eerily similar to the madness that made her a widow, Penelope is terrified that she will fail again—and cost another man his life.


But her heart won’t let her refuse to help, even if it means facing both her past and her own demons. Gabriel pushes Penelope away to keep her safe, but a fragile trust slowly grows between them, forged by a deeper bond of loss. Though Penelope damns herself a fool for loving yet another broken man, she’ll do anything to save Gabriel—no matter the cost.


She never expects that he might be the one to save her, too…


"In this emotional, compassionate romance...the powerful love story will sweep readers away."

~ RT Book Reviews, 4 1/2 Stars,

Nominated for Reviewer's Choice Award Best Innovative Historical

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